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  • Question about DL Discount

    Can I mix the type of libraries (e.g.: buy 2 standard and 1 extended) in order to qualify for the Free download?



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    Hi Gabriel,

    The best idea in such cases is to contact directly.

    The idea of the ongoing special offer is to get 1 free Standard Library if you purchase 3 Standard Libraries

    and 1 free Extended Library if you purchase 3 Extended Libraries.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello, Gabriel.

    Looking at the advertisement for the Extended Library program available to us, it clearly indicates that one can combine any Standard or Extended Libraries to qualify for the 3 purchases which will allow a free Download, which can itself be Extended or Standard.

  • Somehow it is not 100% clear ..

    I would interpret it as buy 3 std or 3 ext (no mixing) and then get either std or ext (but does not say that you only get extended when buying the 3 extended)

    Especially this:

    Example: If you order 3 Standard Libraries and 3 Extended Libraries of our Download Instruments, you’ll receive two Single Instrument Downloads (Standard Library or Extended Library) for FREE. The more you buy, the more Single Instrument Downloads you get for free.

    Indicates that the purchased type is not really linked to the free type (otherways it would say you get one standard and one extended for free)

    However in most cases (except Clarinet in Bb, Bassoon 1, French Oboe, ...) the extended lib is cheaper then the standard lib, so it makes sense to somehow link it.

    Just a little bit confusing, so i will send mail to support,

     Dennis, where do you read that it does not matter?

  • If I buy 3 Standart Libraries > can I download "Voices - Soprano Choir" for free too?

    Thanks for Feedback.

    "Here is a list of all available Download Instruments you can choose from: Soprano Choir**

  • Hello.

    Here's the quote I focused on for my understanding.  So far, I've only purchased Extended libraries in groups of three for my free Extended versions.  Maybe I'm wrong here, but that's what I thought:

    If you purchase and register 3 Download Instruments (3 Standard Libraries or 3 Extended Libraries) between April 13 and May 15, 2011, you’ll receive 1 FREE Download Instrument (Standard Library or Extended Library) of your choice!

    Maybe I should take that senence to be very 'literal'(?).

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    Hello LOVA,

    @LOVA said:

    If I buy 3 Standart Libraries > can I download "Voices - Soprano Choir" for free too?

    Thanks for Feedback.

    => Yes.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Denis,

    Please contact us at with your wishes and questions, we´ll be happy to answer!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL