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  • Possible articulation? Sfzp to sus_noVib -- crescendo to sus_Vib

    I am trying figure out a way to have a sforzando-piano attack go into a sustained sound with no vibrato so I can crescendo-- and at the last moment add some vibrato. I can get two of the three but I don't think VSL has the ability to do a 3-way crossfade. One idea I had is to have the sfz patch automatically trigger at the same time as the sus_noVib patch, but I can't figure out how to make the sfz sound disappear automatically. MOH

  • OK, I got something sort of similar to what I want. Since the sfz patch already has vibrato on it, when I crossfade to sus_noVib I can crossfade back to the sfz patch at the end to get the vibrato-- I just need to make sure I finish the crescendo before the sfz patch expires. The bassoon patch sfz patch last about 11 seconds which should be OK for most situations, but the flute sfz patch only lasts 4 seconds. hmmm....

  • You could just use another instance of the same Instrument and let the second instrument play your desired vibrato articulation, but mute it by setting the volume slider of your DAW to zero. Then you perform a x-fade between the two instruments. Another, simpler way would be to emulate the end vibrato with the pitch-bend controller.