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  • Discount

    Hi, I have bought the full Flute 1. But I´m about to buy the full woodwinds DL edition (woodwinds and woodwinds - PLUS, standard and extended). But I don´t get any discount, shouldn´t I get one for the Flute 1 I have already downloaded?

    Thanks in advance


  •  Hi Sirthoms!

    I am not sure if I got your question right. But with woodwinds and woodwins - PLUS ... are you referring to the Special Edition Downloads?

    On the offer site it states that:

    * See detailed list below. Does not apply to purchases of the Vienna Special Edition (PLUS) Download Collections.

    So I assume you will not qualify with these purchases

  • Thanks for the reply.

    So that means that I have actually thrown away 135 euros on the flute 1 full download that I will get anyway when I buy the special edition woodwinds.. =(.. Is it because you don´t get the full flute in the special edition? In any case I think it´s a bit cheap to not give a discount at all. And if I buy the DVD collection, I only get 300 euros back, also a bit cheap =).. Shouldn´t I get back all 135 euros?

  •  I think this money is definitely not thrown away, as download flutes are much better then within SE ;) The missing discout is only 14 € so this is the maximum number of money wasted.

    However try sending a mail to they are very cooperativ and you

    Just buy one more download lib (ideally something not inside the Special Edition you want to have) and get one for free ;)