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  • VST 3 Sidechain in Vienna Suite compressor ?

    Hi there,

    Is there any chance the Vienna Suite compressor could have the VST3 sidechain feature implemented, so we could use external sidechain within Cubase ?

    That would be very useful. Thanks.

  • I'm supporting this feature request. :-)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • i was going to ask the same thing... 

    go for it. needed! ;)

  • I will concern our developers with this wish again as soon as we have survived the VI Pro 2 / VE Pro 5 / MIR Pro release-frenzy - promised. :-)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • [quote=patlagoon]Hi there,

    I have already implemented this, and it will be released with the next update.