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  • G3 works on some midi ports but not others

    I have Ensemble Pro and VI Pro (builds 8008) w/Cubase 6.0.1. (Had this same issue with Cubase 6.0). I have one midi controller. I'm using multiple ports in V.Ensemble Pro, all driving VI Pro instruments. On some of the ports, G3 (G below middle c) works and on other ports it doesn't. When it doesn't work on a port, it doesn't work on any of the channels. On other ports G3 plays as expected so I know it's not a midi controller issue. On a port that doesn't work, if I transpose the midi controller, G3 still doesn't work even though it's being played by a physically different key. Just G3. I've looked for keyswitches/matrices/etc. assigned to G3 (since that would definitely cause this problem) and can't find any. What's odd is that it seems to affect an entire port, and I'm not aware of any port-wide settings anywhere. If I manually paste a G3 note into the track, it plays. My Kontakt 4.0 plugin, and my Garritan Steinway plugin also work OK. This is getting annoying because while I'm recording a track, G3 doesn't play, and then I have to go back and manually paste them all in. Any thots? William Zeitler

  • Hi,

    it must be a keyswitch somewhere. Please send me an exemplary Cubase Song that contains a few ports with VI and VI PRO and shows that behaviour, so that I can check.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL