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  • Educational discount

    Hi guys i'm new from here. My questions is : ther's any educational/student discount when you buy instrument or software by VSL? If ther's, how can i apply for it? thanks in advance.

  • That would be a nice feature ..but I have some doubts about it. I'm a grad student, yeah why not :))



  • i'm a musicology student and i remember that maybe moths ago they made this promotions.

  • Wow , great news, I'm both teacher and music theory student , that would be something indeed!!

      When I bought Vienna SE + I wasn't aware about this thing!!

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    Hello everybody,

    We do have special offers every now and then for teachers and students, please make sure that you get our newsletter!

    If you´d like to get an offer for bigger quantities of a product like the Special Edition for your educational institution, please get in touch with



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL