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  • 3 cues for documentary (oldies style)

    Some cues I've done this week for a production for TV, I was given very little time and had to average one cue a day. I chose these 3 because the style is different from my usual VSL demos. I have no pretense in these styles, I'm almost embarrassed to show this in front of people who does this stuff well, but it will be processed to sound like an old vintage record along with some old video footage as part of this documentary.  It's all VSL except the rhythm guitar.

    [url=]Oldie 1[/url]

    [url=]Oldie 2[/url]

    [url=]Oldie 3[/url]

    Comments are appreciated!


  • Its sounds amazing! My favorite is "Oldie 2 & 3". Nice mix, nice sound, very good job. 
    I like your music! [Y]

  • Very nice!

    And even if I also like your more "classical" orchestral pieces, it is always a pleasure to listen what other sounds you can get out of VSL ;)

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