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  • The Flute range

    Hello VSL

    Just an information about the Flute range. Your lowest note is A# (3), but Flute should have C(4) as lowest. Am I missing some information or it anyway better to write from C (4)?

    Thanks for answering


  • Hello Roberto,

    the lowest note was extended in this case (so it is a pitch-shifted C4). The natural range starts at C4, that´s correct.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  •  C4 is not necessarily the lowest notes. Some Flutes go down to at least B, and Tchaikovsky, amongst others, used to like to write this note. [;)]


  • Thanks a lot

    I wrote a piece starting from A# (3). It's a really beautiful sound. It's a pity to transpose it...

    Thanks again