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  • Preserve Instance - Cubase 6 64 bit

    UNBELIEVABLE! I actually got the demo license to 'activate'... Only took 4 codes. Whew.

    Loaded a couple of plugs on my 'slave' computer... (AMD X4400... Windows XP32)

    Started a project in Cubase and loaded VEP as a VSTi in my 'master'  (Sandbyridge Win7 64)

    WOW! Wunderbra! I am absolutely -gobsmacked- at how well it works. Seriously impressed.

    Here's the thing though... I can't figure out how 'preserve' works... and yeah, I read the manual.

    I -thought- that after I boot VEP Server on the 'slave', as I open and close Cubase projects on the 'master', that by some magic, the 'metaframe' (all the VSTi instances) in VEP Server are saved as a part of the CUBASE project. But I am not finding that to be the case. I'm finding that I have to save the 'metaframe' in VEP Server on the slave and then open the proper one, when I load a new project in Cubase.IOW: I thought VEP somehow was able to keep the Cubase project in sync with the mixer/VSTis on the slave. No?

    What am I missing? (And BTW... even if this part of it doesn't quite work yet, I am so impressed with the basic functionality that I can certainly live with it.)



  • What are you expecting Preserve to do?

    If you are loading different projects with different settings, you don't want anything to be preserved. You want Cubase to dictate the contents.

    However, if your projects contain the same template, and you don't want it to be re-loaded every time, you need to name the VE Pro instances and then use this template for each project.


  • Got it. I think I read it completely -backward-.

    I just got the new docs (date April) and they are at least 100% clearer than the ones I had dated 2010.