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  • Trumpet C DL extended.....No mutes?

    Hi Vienna,

    The DL version of the Trumpet C does not include the mutes that are included on the DVD..though you advertise it to be a complete instrument.

    For the price it should include the mutes don't you think? Afterall if you total the money you make from buying all BRASS DL instead of the DVDs it comes to slightly more...that's fine. I have no problem with that....HOWEVER the extended DL version should truly be complete....with mutes.


  • Yes, Since it's advertised as 'complete,' I was hoping for mutes, too.  But, when I looked at the articulations for DL Tpt. in C, no mutes.  Too bad.

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    Sorry that this was misleading. We have always listed the Trumpet in C mute as a separate instrument, see the sample content list of Brass I.

    We hope that this first set of complete Single Instrument Downloads will find a lot of attention, so that we can add more instruments with this option in the future.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Upps, that's quite a drawback for me. This means, that Trumpet C mute, Tenor Trombone mute A and B, Trumpets a3 mute and Trombone a3 mute are all missing in the download instruments?! If you are releasing these muted instruments seperately (and one has to pay for them individually), the download instruments (and your special offer) are no good deal any more compared to Brass I (DVD). What a pity!