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  • strange echoing

     dear all,

    last week I cought a spyware and had to set up the hole computer new. Now I have troubles between the connection of sibelius (Version 5.2) and Vienna MIR (1844).

    When I push the "play" butten in Sibelius I could only hear a echoing and repeating noise of the first bars of my composition (tremolo of the strings. Then when I stop the Sibelius score I can still hear this echo of the tremolo strings: It seems that there is somthing like a shortcut or a repetition of the first nots so that it comes to a washy, not assessable cluster that fades slowly.

    I'm using Loopbe 30 and the MIDI ports are not muted "enable shortcut detection" is not clicked. Since 3 days I tried everything and now I hope that someone in the community could give me advice!

    Thank you for your support


  • This could also be an error in the audio routing. Mabye there's an active audio output routed back to an active input ...?

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  •  Thaks for this quick help,

    how can I see if this "loopbacking" is realy the point?

    (Sorry I'm not very gifted in such things...)


  • When we expect MIDI data being the culprit, it could just be a loop (maybe by hardware cable?) from a MIDI out to a monitored MIDI input of your DAW and/or notation software.

    MIR doesn't have a MIDI out, which means that you can rule out the possibility that it feeds back other data than audio.

    Just look if any audio input is going to an output it shouldn't reach. The possible reasons for errors depend a lot on your audio system. Does it offer a built-in mixer? Do you use an external hardware mixer? Maybe you have an audio-track (or an auxiliary input track) set to "monitoring on" or "record ready"?


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library