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  • Considering SE strings plus... Should I buy??

    Hi all I currently own SE strings and am torn between more instruments (extended) or more articulations (SE strings plus) I also have HSO which I currently use for woodwinds, brass and softer cello sections. My main question is - will the extra articulations make a difference as far as sounding more realistic? Or would I at this point be better expanding my collection with either the extended library or purchasing SE brass / Woodwinds. In terms of what I do... I mostly do scores for indie game developers... thought I would mention this as it may help anyone who wishes to advise me. Thanks :)

  • The best choice really comes down to what you will use the most.  Ask yourself if you need the extral instruments found in SE+ or not.  Could you use the chamber string sections, woodwind sections, saxes, guitars, to name a few?  If so, it would be worth considering.

    That being said, as one who uses the SE libraries, I have found the SE extended libraries to be important.  I have found many of the additional articulations to be very necessary to help provide a more realistic final sound.  OTOH, my main interest is traditional classical orchestral, and not indie, so I cannot directly comment on your preferred genre.

  • I cant decide what to get so I'm going to get both SE strings plus and SE strings extended. Expect some kind of transaction from me this weekend mr VSL :) I will also be downloading the demo of VI pro as I'm considering that for next payday. Also, I know this isn't the place to discuss other software but I have been looking into the divisi feature of a certain 'scoring strings from LA' library. I was wondering if anybody has tried setting up a matrix whereby you switch from having an orchestral strings patch and then emulating divisi by switching to a chamber strings patch (perhaps using polyphonic legato?. Has anybody tried this and been successful?