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  • to avail of the current special offer...

    ... and receive a free download library: do I need to buy all three libraries at the same time? Or can I buy, say, two libraries now, then make up my mind as to what to get next, then buy another one in a couple of weeks... and then ask for my bonus?

  • Hi Feenix,

    Thanks for your interest in our offer!
    You don't need to purchase all three download instruments at the same time - as long as you purchase all three download instruments within the offer period (April 13 - May 15, 2011), you will qualify for the free download instrument (Standard Library or Extended Library). :-)


  • thanks Stefan - actually, you already emailed me about it, and I already bought two of them - haven't downloaded them yet... there's an experimental music and sound art event and conference in town at the moment, and that's "my scene"...

    thanks again for this ofer!