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  • A always, trouble registering a new VI product with eLicenser!

    I just downloaded the Vienna Suite "trial version" and when I go to activate, it says I have there is no eLisenser conected to my computer, even though it is clearly visable to me!!!!!!!!!!!  I know that software pirating is a huge issue to developers, but these damn dongles are always at the customers expense!  I'm sure when the problem is explained tome it will allmake sense, but why should it have to be explained every time? Why can't it just work?

    I HATE DONGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  •  Solution should be easy:  Download the latest eLicenser version!



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    I agree, it shouldbe easy!  :-)  After only 4 attempts to install the new software, which I had tried prior to activation, I got it working.  Unfortunately, I had no more time to work on music. I just hate the whole dongle thing.  I will saythat the Vienna Key works better than most.  I also have to use an iLok for some other software I run - that one is a REAL nightmare.

    @doubleattack said:

     Solution should be easy:  Download the latest eLicenser version!



  • With all software you have to know the choreography of the installation dance. I can install both iLok and eLicenser in a matter of minutes and never have a problem. However, I have learned what not to do. That makes a difference. Now that you have it working you should have no problems at all.

    Where dongles are fantastic is in the case of a computer failure, or the need to transfer your plugs to another computer/studio. In both those cases the dongle wins for me. All other sorts of C/P are a pain.