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  • VEP Server issue

    I have got a new Mac Mini (8GBRAM) as a slave computer. It is great but have had a couple of problems that may link together. 1- Sometimes my main computer starts giving a message of server "connection failed". Although I am connected to the server without any problem. It is rather annoying and message doesn't go away.. so I often had to restart the slave computer to overcome the problem. 2- VEP server interface that running on the slave computer doesn't connect automatically when I open the songs first time in the morning with Logic. I have to manually connect the VEP instances. Once connected (during the same startup) I have no problem with. Than I can close and reopen the Logic song it works like charm (automatic connection does its job). Am I missing something? Thanks

  •  Have you set fixed IP?


  • No. I should try it. Thanks

  • Server connection failed problem gone away after setting a fix IP address. But I still have to manually connect the VEP server every time in the first run after reboot. Any idea. Thanks Faruk

  •  Are you running decoupled?


  • if you decouple VE Pro from Logic, saving the VE Pro frames separately as projects on that slave, Logic, upon loading your Logic project should automatically connect to the VE Pro metaframe(s) you have loaded on that slave. Be sure to have that VE Pro project fully loaded before opening the Logic project or Logic will see where VE Pro isn't loaded and open a new connection that's empty, obviating what you're loading on the slave.

    If the Logic project is saved coupled with VE Pro, it remembers what is to be loaded and VE Pro will load what was saved (via Logic), from an empty VE Pro server. But the Logic project will take a while to save and loading will be slower as well. If your VE Pro usage is substantial, it's better to decouple and handle VE Pro projects separate from the DAW project.