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  • VE Pro Demo (Dongle Questions)


    For some reason, I've had no end of trouble trying to get the VEP demo installed---it's not VEP per se, but for whatever reason, both dongles I have refused to activate the demo license. Grrrrr! I think I've taxed the patience of Vienna support (sorry Paul) so perhaps someone can answer a couple of questions for me here.

    1. When you get the Demo it comes with a single 'collection' license. According to Paul @ Vienna, you can still test VEP on -two- machines (server and slave). He basically told me to 'RTFM'. OK, I guess I'm old... or ADHD... or both. Where does it explain how to do this? I thought you needed a dongle with a license on -each- machine and the demo is a single license so I don't get the procedure. What am I missing?

    2. I am purchasing a new dongle, simply to test to see if this helps the situation. There was some thought that my old dongle was 'full'. Does anyone know exactly how many licenses a 'new' dongle can hold? (On the iLok site they mention 255). I only have 8 licenses on one of my Syncrosofts and 2 on the other.

    3. If I use VEP as a plug-in in Cubase/Nuendo, when I save the project Cubendo thinks the plug in was 'Vienna Ensemble' right? So, theoretically, I could change the arrangement of VSTis inside VEP and the Cubendo wouldn't know the difference, correct? If so, is there any way to do 'project management'... ie. to make sure that when one saves the DAW project, the Vienna 'project' (list of instruments/channels) remains synched?



    1.  You need a dongle on each computer that you intend to load your sample library on. Therefore if you don't load any samples in VEP locally (on your DAW computer) you don;t need a dongle on that computer.
    2. Plenty. I have the while cube plus other stuff Including Nuendo 4) on one dongle.
    3. No. Cubendo saves all the plugin data. If you want to change stuff, you will need to de-couple, which basically gives you the advantages of a plugin and a standalone. However, no data will be saved, so if you just open the project up, rather than loading in the server interface, you could end up with the wrong samples loaded. TO remain in sync, just don't run de-coupled.


  • Thanks very much. This helps a LOT. ---JC

  • To connect to VE Pro server (residing on a slave) from your master computer, you do not need to launch VE Pro on that master but it must be installed as a plugin; a dongle isn't required on this machine to connect (ie., you're only connecting). OTOH if you were to run VE Pro server (or standalone) in local host mode on the same machine you will need that license on a dongle connected to that machine. If you run both at the same time, two machines, you need two licenses/two dongles.

    I can't speak to your problems activating (but that you should ensure that you have the absolutely most recent e-licenser from syncrosoft installed), but if you bought a Vienna Key specifically, there will be 180 starts for any VSL product available off that dongle to demo whatever VSL you have installed, including VE Pro.

    Your dongles aren't full at 8 licenses.

  • Thanks. I have been having a cage death match with Paul about this. By scanning this forum I have learned two things: 1. Frame-based web sites really -do- suck. I am surprised such a classy company as Vienna insists on using them ;) 2. I ain't the only one having setup/dongle issues. a. The manual is -far- from clear on the dongle thing. I guess you need to have the dongle on both 'master' and all slave machines during setup, but ONLY on the machines that will be running as slaves during actual operation. In any case, I hope Vienna takes the hint and improves the doc. Many of us are just dumb musicians. b. When I keep getting Activation errors while downloading the demo licenses I get no -specific- explanation as to why it's happening. But I have recently been able to activate two other apps that use the eLicenser with no problem. I hate that there is such poor error reporting. Paul's only solution: buy a new dongle. No problem. But -why- when all my other programs work? This isn't Vienna's issue per se, but since there is no direct 'support' dept. for eLicenser, who -else- can I complain to? Anyhoo, I -still- haven't been able to actually -try- the thing, but frankly, I -need- what it does and the people who are happy seem ecstatic. So I'm proceeding with a purchase and hoping that a 'real' copy will 'activate' properly. Maybe that's a fool's idea, but... HERE I GO! :D PS: Is there a way to get formatting in these msgs without using HTML tags? Thanks, ---JC

  • your profile has a kind of preferences where you set formatting to do paragraphs. I was really cussing the way the forum behaves the other day, and I'm pretty used to it... it really is cheapsville.

    I would say buy a vienna key and get another 180 demo starts anyway, never know when it comes in handy.

    VSL is very attentive to users; I broke my main dongle with all of my libraries and it got sorted *very* efficiently, and I was provided demo starts until I got my replacement licenses. I'm very happy with VE Pro, it makes 100s of times larger orchs possible compared to the same things as regular plugins. It's all smooth here but for one issue, in x64 kernel, the 32-bit server crashes if it idles too long with a screen saver, but all I have to do to avoid it is dock it.

  • All good advice, sir. Thank you!