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  • EastWest Play and VEP Outputs

    I've successfully managed to set up a large Orchestral template using Play, Vienna Ensemble Pro and Cubase 6.

    I've used a separate instances of Play for each Orchestra section within VEP and then routed that instance to a separate a bus in VEP, then to the corresponding output in Cubase to be processed with effects etc. All works fine.

    However I'm now trying to set up a much smaller template using only one instance of Play inside VEP with several instruments loaded. 

    Each instrument is assigned it's own midi channel and works fine when using the Master Output in VEP, but when I add a new Bus in VEP for say, strings, then assign all the string instruments to that output, the sound isn't routed to the output in Cubase.

    Am I doing something wrong? Can outputs for individual instruments within one instance be used this way?

  • Yes. read the section in the manual that deals with audio input (I don't have the manual to hand, or else I'd find the page for you).