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  • How to Disable VI Pro free trial?

    Hi there.. need help. I've created viframes (project files) which have some instances of VI Pro in them. Now I can't open them because I forgot to delete the instances before the license expired. If I try to, the application crashes. I really want to save the other data in those viframes (other loaded VSTi's, routing, etc).. is there a way that I can disable the VI Pro, open the project files, remove the VI Pro instances? I'll probably replace those instances with the Vienna Instruments that came with my Vienna Special Edition purchase.

  • Hello riaosorio,

    Your VI PRO demo license is still valid... you can "reload" the demo starts with the button "Validate License Usage Periods" in the eLicenser Control Center.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, I sent this same message to VSL tech support, and was given a demo license (I know the original demo license had already expired) so I could reload the projects and replace the VI Pro instances with VI classic ones. Thank you! Ria