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  • Distortion/ Overloading on MacBook Pro

    Hi, I'm not sure if anyone else has had a similar problem, but I'm finding I get massive overloading when using VSL (Special Edition) on my MacBook Pro (dual 3.06 4gb ram) (logic 8, Snow Leopard). When I say massive overloading I mean the loudest thing I've ever heard- the channels in Logic are all peaking and it's really not much fun. This doesn't seem to happen at any point in particular, but tends to happen during playback. I don't think the MBP is struggling, as I'm only using about 8 channels (all the VSL files are located on the laptop's drive- not on external), and I've handled much larger projects in the past- but it seems to happen more frequently when I'm using headphones. I'm not sure if it's a buffer/ audio card option (I'm just using core audio) but it's really annoying. If anyone could get back to me about this I'd really appreciate it. Thanks,

  • you're expecting to use the internal 5400 rpm drive and no sound card and get acceptable performance, which isn't really a good assumption.

    using the system drive for streaming samples is a bad idea. it doesn't work; the system drive is busy with a number of priorities and we must dedicate drives to sample libraries in order to get good performance streaming them. 5400 rpm is too slow for this purpose, another known issue.

    you need a sound card with good drivers as well to do this stuff.

  • Fred,

    Get an external drive to host your samples. It'll make al the difference in the world. Also, max out your RAM, it's dirt cheap right now.

  • Hi, Thanks for the messages. To be honest it is a 7200 rpm drive, and storing the files on it seems to be working much better than on the external drive I have, which caused this to happen much more often. But I appreciate the comments, and agree that the MacBook Pro sound card is rubbish. As this is only my mobile setup (I have a larger setup for studio work) I can't really use massive external disks, but wasn't sure if there was any settings I could change to help the problem- If not I'll just make do for now, and could definitely do with getting more ram. Thanks, Fred,