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  • Mac Pro with PowerMac Dual 2.3 as Slave in VE Pro?

    Hi, Although I'm sure this may be answered somewhere else, I just needed to ask a few questions before upgrading to VE Pro. I'm currently running VSL on a Power Mac dual 2.3ghz (late 2005) which is great, although it's starting to show its age. I'm thinking of upgrading to a new Mac Pro and using the PowerMac as a slave (filling it up to about 12gb ram), mainly because the lack of PPC support means I need an intel host- but I'm slightly confused to the issue regarding 32 and 64 bit machines. If anyones got experience of working with a similar intel and PPC VE Pro setup, it would be great to hear from you. Thanks, Fred,

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    Hi Fred ,

    please read this discussion from some time ago .

    In short :

    I have the same G5 like you , and yes , you can use your G5 as a slave .

    Both Master and Slave have to have the same version of VEPRO installed .

    The G5 has to have OS X 10.5.8 . VEPRO does not support OS X 10.4 .

    This G5 model is able to run both VEPRO 32bit Server and VEPRO 64bit Server .

    However , the only 64bit Sample Player that actually supports PPC 64bit is ViennaInstruments .

    So , on your G5 , in the VEPRO 64bit Server you will host your ViennaInstruments only .

    In the VEPRO 32bit Server you can host your Kontakt3 based libraries .

    ( Kontakt 4 has a 64bit version , which does not support PPC , just Intel . )

    You then connect your G5 via a single Ethernet Cable with your MacPro for both audio and MIDI data .

    Best wishes


  • Hi Gerd, I see, thanks so much- really cleared things up! Off to get VE Pro then........ Cheers, Fred,