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  • PLAY and VEP

    Hi, Whats the situation on the numerous bizarre problems regarding East West PLAY when hosted in VEP? Who's at fault here? East West? VSL? Cubase? My support ticket number: 80048_mb17i5ep1fuqaf2v

  • I can only say that I am not seeing "bizarre problems regarding East West PLAY when hosted in VEP" here connecting to Logic Pro.

  •  PLAY hosted by VEP is working fine here as well, I haven't had any issues at all, my previous experience with PLAY issues, is when it runs out of memory, things start to go erratic, I don't think PLAY deals with memory management very well. But with lots of RAM now (24Gb), I don't have any issues at all.

  • You guys dont have white noise bursts? The VEP instance failing to disconnect from cubase and remaining "connected localhost" after cubase has closed? VEP "engine" being deactivated after going into preserve mode, and PLAY going completely silent requiring that the template be reloaded? Cubase freezing up when disconnecting from the VEP instance? general slow response? VEP crashing when scrolling through more than 20 or so PLAY instances in succession? Having to load a PLAY instance to avoid the "Could not load plugin play_VST_x64.dll" when loading a metaframe?

  • Nope.

  • well maybe its a vst3 specific issue then. im on Cubase 5 with VST3, windows 7 x64.

  •  No problems here on Cubase 5 and Cubase 6 VST3 on PC:

    - VEP: Windows 7 x64 8Gb RAM

    - Cubase 5/6: Windows 7 x64 8Gb RAM