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  • Same sample patch, same VI settings but very different sound!!!

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    I am working on a large orchestral score. There are two trombone VIs. They use the same custom preset and they sit very close to eachother on the Konzerthaus stage. In this example they are using the same patch and the VI settings in each VI are exactly the same but they sound very different.

    Why and what can I do about it - I want them to sound like there in the same place in the same space?! It's all very odd.

  • MIR Venues are multisampled. On large stages, the position of each IR set is about two or three meters apart from its nearest neighbors. The space between the discrete positions is interpolated on behalf of the possibilities of the IR's Ambisonics format decoding (much like the mapping of an instrument's sample across more than one half-tone step on a keyboard).

    In some cases, this means that there will be a sonic difference when you cross the "boarder" from one IR to the space its neighbor is covering.  (Actually this is a very obvious proof that you can't capture a hall with just one IR ;-) ...) Just move the Icon closer to the one you like, and the sound should be similar.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  •  Hi Dietz, it wasn't that, I already tried moving them on top of each other and i still get the same divergence of sound. It is odd. i can't help thinking it is a simple setting somewhere but I'm dammed if i can find it[:(]

  •  Hi Dave,

    are using VI PRO?

    Maybe in one of the VI PRO instances the internal reverb is active?



  • Ah Herb I thought that was going to be it but sadly it wasn't. I have again checked every single setting in each VI and in MIR and they are identical other than the stage position but they are very close, almost touching (as in a real orchestral set up).

    I opened a new project and loaded two trombones in the same position and the sound was identical so it is something to do wit the project.

    Should I contact tech help?

  • It's definately a reverb issue. If I reduce the dry/wet slider  on one of them I can get just about the same sound.

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    @DaveTubaKing said:

    Should I contact tech help?

    Yes, please send me the MIR Project file (ideally with all other instruments deleted - safe it under a different name FIRST!). ->

    You could also provide the MIDI-file you were working on. A Cubase or Nuendo-project will do, too.

    I'll try to look at it ASAP (on Friday, most likely). Thanks in advance!

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library