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  • I need 'divisi voicing' advice

    Any suggestions would be appreciated as I'm building my 6th template now that I have more ram :)

    I'm obsessed with big and want divisi everything. I looked at a post by Beat K. that mentioned using a solo violin as a first chair (why I didn't think of this stupidly obvious idea, I don't know) and I plan to use this in one of two ways.

    Appassionata, with orchestral as my divisi Violin I (b) part... and a solo violin for a first chair effect - or - Orchestral with Chamber... I've adjusted volumes to what for me sounds realistic but my problem is all with editing/voicing. I cannot use the auto-voicing as the manual states it is not intended for legato. I want a consistent way to easily edit these as a whole or separately.

    I am using Cubase 5.5.1 (for now), imagine having 1 track that acted as all three voices (1st chair, divisi 1 & 2) - but when I want to single out only the first chair for a solo from their position, or single out the 1st chair with the appasionatas, or play all unision, or play unision with just the first two... etc.

    My question is this- how can I easily write for this as a section that can split any which way, without having to have 3 tracks in Cubase that I have to copy & paste everything any time I edit? Or is there no way around this? I am trying to make a template that saves me time but gives me 100% flexibility. Is this possible? My template is a purely midi setup in Cubase and through a LoopBe30 I route everything to VE with VI Pro.