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  • Sibelius 6.2: can't audition articulations from midi keyboard


    For some reason, all I can play is the sustain articulations from the matrices that I have set up.  Ok, a bit more clarification:

    If I notate an articulation, the correct articulation will be triggered within the player during playback.

    When I stop playback, the keyswitches will change the articulation within the player, but as soon as I actually play a note on my midi keyboard, the articulation in the player automatically switches to the sustain patch and plays it.  If I change the articulation with the keyswitches, and then click on the keyboard within the player, then it will play fine, but if I use my midi keyboard, it always reverts back to the sustain patch. 

    Can someone shed some light on this.  It makes it very difficult to try out ideas with different arts.



  • ....and actually, another problem

    My bosendorfer piano patch snaps to 50% on the expression slider as soon as I hit a note on my keyboard.  If I use my pedal, I can raise or lower the level of expression, but then as soon as I play a note on the keyboard it goes right back to 50.  If I disable the expression controller in the map control tab, then the problem is gone, however, that totally disables the use of the epression pedal, which is not really ideal.

  • Hello Omid!

    When playing on your MIDI keyboard, Sibelius automatically sends reset switches. I don't know any workaround for that either.

    The reset switch for the piano in the sound set for the Special Edition is designed to set CC11 to 64 (50%) in order to avoid double dynamics. All dynamics below mf would be too soft otherwise. In order to use expression with the piano I recommend using another controller than CC11.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Andi,

    Thanks, but...

    Are you saying that everyone else also cannot audition any of their articulations other than sustain while using their keyboard?  I find that hard to believe, and this did not use to be the case for me either.  Unfortunately, I don't know what I have changed to cause this behavior.

    Still looking for a solution, since trying different articulations is a must, without having to notate the first.



  • Hi Omid!

    I agree, that this is somewhat unpleasant.

    Here is a workaround I came up with. Before trying things with your keyboard, you can change the pitch range of the instrument you are playing. Set the two values for the lowest accepted pitch higher than the pitches, where the keyswitches are (for low instruments like doublebass vice versa). This can be done in the upper right for the selected instrument in Vienna Ensemble. After playing, you will have to put it back again.

    I know that this is not an ideal solution, but it's the only thing, that comes to my mind right now. Maybe the Sibelius support team has a better solution for this. They are responsible for it. ;-)


    Vienna Symphonic Library
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