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  • Orchestral Strings Patches

    Dear Vienna

    I am currently constructing my own presets and VST expression maps for Vi-14

    - and looking at the rep_cre/dim9 patches under Ressources, I was wondering why you have not made a compound patch of these as a sort of detache with 9 velocity layers. If you then include the corresponding dim9 versions you would have alternation samples as well, for a 2 step round-robin.

    I know they are already used in the rep-dyn patches, but why not reuse them in a configuration as above?

    Is there any way we could make are own complete patches from scratch like in the old Giga sampler version? Cause it would be nice to have control of A/B section too - and a Vi-14 with legato portamento switching, like the one found in App.Strings.