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  • connexion problem


    I was wondering if anyone had very slow connexions between host and slave when opening a session, while in decouple mode?

    I am running the decoupled mode in one studio with no pb at all. In the other studio, it takes approaximately 30 sec for 1 instance, to connect. I am saying again that it is DEcoupled instances, so there is no loading samples involved here.

    My config:

    Host: Mac Intel Dual 2,66 running Digital Performer 7.11 under OS 10.5.8, and Vienna ensemble pro 4.1.7846

    Slave: Hackintosh running Vienna ensemble pro 4.1.7846 (32bits version)

    I use the 32 bits Vienna server because of a PLay instrument that needs 32 bit....But the Slave is operating in 64bit mode....