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  • Loading Legato SE Patches causes VI Pro/VE to crash!

    Hello everybody. Since i'm not able to load any of my VE Presets anymore, i discovered now that the legato Patches seem to be the Problem and either they won't play back (Violins,Violas) or cause VE to crash (Celli) !

    I'm running the lastest Software of MacOSX, VI Pro, VE, eLicenser and the lastest SE Library Update.

    Please Help! Got a job to be done, and at the moment i can't do anything but banging my head onto the mac-keyboard. It's made of Metal! So... that hurts! [:D]

  • Hello pallinger,

    Do you want to send us some crash reports?

    Could it be that you are overloading your system, or does that happen with a new arrangement as well?

    Thanks for more details,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, thanks for your reply.

    I made a screen-cast of what is going on. (watch fullscreen & HD)

    First i load a Celli Legato Patch followed by a crash. Then i load a Violins legato Patch showing that no Samples are loaded, and a Viola Legato Patch showing that 4 MB are loaded. Everything else seems to work fine.

    Legatos are also no Problem when i use the old VI Version, not the Pro one.

    I email you the Crash Log tomorrow.

  • Hi,

    That┬┤s weird. I hope the crashlog reveals some hints.

    I just loaded the exact same articulations in the exact same environmentm no problems there. Did you check the integrity of your harddrive?

    I┬┤d probably install the Special Edition content once again, on a different harddrive, just to see if that┬┤s the problem.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul

    I've sent an Email to the support adress with a crash-log.

    I don't think that the harddrive is the problem, because i have a backup harddrive with also the sample-content installed and the result is the same.

    In my opinion the Lib-Update 101112 is responsible for this mess. Because it contains exactly the same patches whitch now don't work anymore.

    So maybe this Lib-Update is not working with Vienna Instrument PRO?

    Btw: The Legato patches do work with the old Vienna Instrument without any Problem!


    I just checked the legato Patches within Cubase 5.3.3 an one Instance of Vienna Instrument Pro. Loading the Cello Legato causes again a Crash including Cubase5.

    So the Vienna Ensemble Software is NOT responsible for the crash.

  • Hi pallinger,

    well observed, we┬┤ll fix this asap!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi again,

    as a quick workaround: Please close all VSL software, then delete the file "viprocache.bin", to be found in >User< / Library / Application Support / VSL / Vienna Instruments PRO.

    Then everything will work fine again. Seems like this file doesn┬┤t get updated properly, we┬┤ll look into it.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • WOW! Thank you so much!

    Best, Michael

  • I was having the same problem.  Cello legato patches would not load in either VE Pro (with a VI Pro instance) or in VI Pro Standalone.  When I tried a SEPARATE track (in Logic) just loading VI Pro, the cello legato patches would load. Other patches in the SE cello set of patches work fine. As reported by the other poster, legato patches load fine in regular VI when made an instances within VE Pro. 

    I tried the workaround suggested and deleted the cache file, but no luck; legato patch does not load (keys on keyboard are all dark),  VI Pro is version 7846 (64 bit), running in VE Pro 7846 (64 bit) on Snow Leopard 10.6.7.


  • Hello Steve,

    Please make sure that you have no VSL Software running when deleting the viprocache.bin file. This file will be created anew with the next instantiation of VI PRO.

    This behaviour seems to be introduced with OS X 10.6.7, we hope we can fix this soon.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks.  I'll be checking back on this thread to see how it works out.  Also, unrelated, VE Pro has been crashing on me when I try to change the colors of the channel strips (for consistency with colors for instruments in Logic). 

    Well, I gave it one more try.  I closed everything down and restarted my machine.  VI Pro Standalone worked fine.  I then loaded Logic and the music I am working on with the VE Pro instance in it that loads the VI Pro Instance of cellos.  Still no luck -- keys are dark in legato within this instance.  I closed that project.

    I then opened a new, blank project within Logic 9.1.3.  I first instanced VI Pro by itself and loaded the patch in question, SE, Orchestral strings, cellos.  Legato loaded fine.  I opened a new track and instanced VE Pro multi-trimbral and loaded ONLY VI pro within VE Pro.  The patch worked here also!

    I closed my test composition and REOPENED the one that was not working.  I deleted the Cello channel within VE Pro and then opened a NEW VI Pro instance to replace the one I had deleted, loading the SE cello patch.  It ALSO worked!  I plan to use this one until whatever is going on is figured out.  Thanks for your prompt response to the problem.


  • Hello Steve,

    Thanks for the feedback, good that you found another work-around!

    Regarding VE PRO crashing when changing the color of multiple channel at once: That┬┤s also a bug that will be fixed with one of the next updates.

    Thanks for your patience,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL