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  • Using VI Pro - Fantasy Game Music

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    I recently started using VI Pro and it has absolutely improved my workflow and approach to sequencing.. This is my first piece to use it, feel free to share any opinions or feelings that come around 😊

    I'm still learning a lot about spatial placement and orchestral mixing, so any advice on that would be great, and of course anything on composition would be appreciated too

    Either way I hope you enjoy it!

  • Excellent work! sounds wonderful.

    May I ask you what workflow improvements have you noticed using VI pro?



  • Doremi - thanks for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Some of the bigger things that helped my work flow - Humanization pitch envelopes / time offset, Polyphonic Legato, Layering and mixing 8 layers of samples in one slot. These things help with creating a more lively sounding orchestra with less fiddling around than I'm used to. There are lots of small details that also help smooth the process in my experience with it so far.. If you're really curious get the demo and try it, thats what I did... at first :)

  • I have the demo from the Exploration Kit, but I'm still reluctant to buy it alone, at least for now.

    I'm hoping for an offer with an additional free download library someday (ie. VI Pro + Soprano Choir). Perhaps I will wait forever but... something like this will trigger my wallet instantly :D

  • Nice job! Thanks for sharing. What reverb do you use and which libraries (was this Special Edition or much more)?

  • Thanks emspace! Glad you enjoy it :)

    I'm using Special Edition Plus and Soprano Choir, which is all I have so far. I also used TC Powercore's VSS3 reverb in this case, and I find it a good balance between real space and ethereal quality. Feel free to ask any other questions :)

  • Hi everyone, I recently went into some detail on this mix on my blog, feel free to shoot me any questions or ideas you have!

    I hope you get something out of it :)

  • Very nice .. would love to see a screenie of your mixer console to see how you've routed things.

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    Hetoreyn, why not, I took a screen shot of the mixer.. I'm not sure how informative it is!

    Also I was still getting used to Logic, so it's not as organised as I'd normally like my mixer to look!! Let me know if you have any questions or want to shed any light on things 😊

    Thanks for your interest!

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