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  • Setting Up VE Pro Questions

    Hi Team,

    I'm running PT9 HD on a Quad core Mac Pro.

    I want to run my Vienna Special edition (Extended) and a handful of other VST(Only) Instrument plugins that I currently use with Cubase on a Dual 3.0Ghz Xeon PC running Xp Pro.

    My Mac Pro has 2 x Gigabit ethernet ports. One is used to connect to my sample libraries (N.A.S) and to t'internet while the other port is used for my control surface.

    My first question is about the hardware:

    I need to connect my PC to my Mac Pro, I have a Gigabit switch approx 15 metres from the Mac & PC (Both computers are in the same room) but the general consensus seems to be that they should be directly connected,

    I have a spare PCIe slot in my Mac Pro and a spare PCIx slot in my Windows PC. I could install a pair of NIC's in the machines and link them with a "special IP address" so that they are only used when I'm running VE-Pro.

    I'm not sure If my Mac Pro will cope with 3 ethernet ports? Anyone had any experience of this?

    Alternatively I could use the same port as my control surface as the data exchange is so small I doubt it would ake any impact on VE-Pro.

    I'd have to install a Gigabit switch/hub though as the control surface defaults to 10Mb link speed and I can't see VE-Pro working under those conditions.

    One this is all working and tested then I no longer need Cubase to host my VST only instruments.

    Has anyone else got this or something similar working or would share some relevant experience?



  • All working like a dream.

    No issues at all.

    Just followed instructions supplied.

    I have it working over the existing network ethernet connection and it seems fine.

    I think I might have to install an ethernet switch in the studio and connect the 2 machines together there rather than them having to go back to the main switch approx 15m away.

    I can now use my fave VST instruments that refused to wrap in Pro Tools 8 & 9 (Like Independence Pro, Halion Sonic and Halion)

    It would be cool if you could send to VE Pro and back again so i could use my Powercore effect plugins in Pro Tools 9 as these also will not wrap and are consigned to the unusable pile for the time being...

    Other than that no complaints.


  • Hi Dave,

    Good to see you happy. Sorry that I overlooked your questions...

    Just wait for the next big development step for VE PRO, there will be some great new features!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL