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  • trouble installing Vienna Ensemble Pro on PC

    After successfully authorizing the elicenser Steinberg key, I installed Vienna Suite software from the Install CD. Problem is, nothing "Vienna" shows up in the program list. The Program Files folder does have a Vienna Suite folder, but the only thing in that folder is the uninstall file. I do not know how, or where to launch the server interface. Any help much appreciated!

  • Hi,

    Which host are you using? The Server Interface shows up as soon as you insert "Vienna Ensemble PRO" as a plug-in in your sequencer.

    The VE PRO Server Interface connects to a Vienna Ensemble PRO Server instance, and you need to start the Vienna Ensemble PRO Server first ("START"=> "All programs"=>"Vienna Ensemble PRO").

    Does that help?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I am installing on a slave PC to a MAC host. I just tried downloading VEP and installing that (my previous attempt was from the CD). The downloaded version shows up in the Programs now, but when I launch I get an elicenser control error: Unknown exception caught. Process execution failed. I close that and get an VEP error: could not find a license. But, I do have a license for VEP set up in the eLicenser Control Center. Do I need to remove and add back that license to correspond to the now downloaded version of VEP?

  • Hi there,

    I've just done this and it works fine.

    You need 2 e-licensers (One on each computer)

    The e-licenser software must be installed on both machines.

    The licenses for VE Pro and your vienna instruments need to be on the key in your slave PC

    The license for VE Pro needs to be on the key in your host mac.

    Install the VE Pro software on both computers.

    Run the server softwarwe on your slave PC.

    Instaniate the plugin on your host mac.

    A box will pop up prompting you to connect to a server.

    The PC server should show up in the box.

    Select it and press connect.

    VE Pro then roars into life like magic on your PC.

    Load your instruments into VE Pro on your PC (Either vienna instruments or other VST plugins)

    Then smile as you play your midi keyboard connected to your host and the sound comes back though your host mac with no latency.

    It's just amazing...

    Hope this helps