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  • VE Pro: Superior Drummer 2 and EZDrummer do not load samples

    This is a very frustrating bug. I don't know if it's their plugin that has a glitch or if it's a VE issue.

    1. Load Superior Drummer 2 or EZDrummer into a persistent VE Pro server instance - 32 or 64 bit - and save it as a metaframe.
    2. Quit VE Pro, then re-launch VE Pro and load the metaframe. The instance will load with VE's audio engine off. If you look at the SD2/EZD plugin, you will see that it has not loaded any samples.
    3. Turn on the audio engine for that VE Pro instance. You will notice that the SD2/EZD will then load the samples. This is all fine and good, but.....

    Here is where the first bug is: If you connect to this VE Pro instance without first manually activating its audio engine as in step 3 above, the SD2/EZD will permanently remain with NO samples loaded, and there is no way to make it re-load the samples until you close and reload the VE metaframe, or instantiate another SD2/EZD plug-in.

    In addition, it seems dodgy with regards to connects and disconnects. At some point, even after loading the samples successfully, I have found that it will have unloaded them upon the next time your DAW connects to this VE Pro instance.

  • I had the same bug today. I am stuck with it permanently not loading any samples. Any ideas on how to fix this? This is only happening in VEP, and not when I am loading in Toontrack Solo or directly in Cubase.

  • I emailed Toontrack also.

    1) I load Superior Drummer as a plugin in a Vienna Ensemble Pro server instance. Everything works OK.

    2) I shut down my session.

    3) I start my session back up.

    4) Bug: Superior Drummer refuses to load samples (shows 0MB loaded)

    5) Workaround: Delete the Superior Drummer plugin. Turn off VEP's audio engine. Load a new Superior Drummer plugin. Re-enable VEP's audio engine. Samples begin to load.

    Unfortunately this makes me lose all my Superior Drummer settings! 

    Any ideas? Thanks


  • Same problem here. Any input also greatly appreciated.

    My working workaround is simpler though. I save my Cubase project, disconnect from VEPro 5 via the plugin on the Cubase side, then connect again and it all loads fine on the remote side. No settings lost but a real pain, especially when there are loads of other things to load into memory too.


  • just toggle the audio engine switch in VE Pro (upper left) and all should load

  • Simply toggling the audio engine on/off did not work for me.



  • Make sure you have the latest versions of both VIs.  After I upgraded to VE Pro5, EZ Drummer no longer loaded the samples when I toggled the audio engine in the plugin (which is what you had to do to get them to load previously.... ).  Once I discovered I didn't have the latest version, I downloaded, installed and all was good.   I have no problems with EZ Drummer now that I've updated.

    - Greg

  • Yeah, I do have both. What's funny is that this never happened before.

    Toontrack responded to my email saying that they don't officially support VEP, so they can't help.

  • Yeah, I sure don't understand Toontrack's response - I've gotten the same treatment from them in the past, which I just can't understand.  VE PRO, in my opinion, is THE virtual instrument host.  I don't get why they don't officially support it.... 

    This never happened to me (after I discovered you had to go to the Transport menu and 'start/stop audio engine' to get the samples to load...) in version 4.  Then after I switched to VEP5 it no longer loaded samples with the toggle trick, until I updated the plugin.  Now I'm running it in the 64 bit VEP instead of the 32.

    Can anyone from VSL comment on why Toontrack doesn't support VEP?  (yeah... I know... it's a question for Toontrack.... :)   )...  It's just weird what their position is.

    - Greg

  • My guess is that they're (ab)using the audio callback to push messages around, preventing loading of samples when there is no such audio callback running (such as when a VE Pro instance isn't connected or the audio engine turned off). Similar design flaws existed in Kontakt and Play as well in the past, but were admitted by the developers and fixed in the end. It doesn't surface in other hosts simply because the audio engine is never turned off there.

  • That makes sense.  Maybe one of these days their next updates will just 'miraculously' begin loading properly.... :-)

  • Yeah I posted about this bug a couple of months back.  Only affects Superior here; EzDrummer is fine.