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  • Vienna Ensemble - some questions

    Hi to the forum,

    after having played Christian's "Decision Day" Cubase file  in my DAW, [which, by the way, sounds just great!],  and, also,  after listening/watching Paul on one of the video's demonstrating how to get the effect of near/far on the virtual stage in VE using the dry, reverb, and panner, it was kind of like I was understanding things in a new way - and I've been quite excited by the possibilities with VE in combination with my Vienna Suite, and what I could do with Sibelius files using this.

    I've already made up some Sibelius 6 template scores using Vienna Special Edition, but I'd like to go further and have the Sibelius score soundset for the different orchestral combinations I will come up with, using  VEns, with all settings [similiar or based on Christain's Cubase files for VE], all set up to go with them, with panning, and dry signal and reverb/volume setups for each channel/instrument in SE, in Vienna Ensemble, already done.

    I'm thinking that I will save each channel strip in the various demo's of Hannibal's Elephant's and Decision Day with their power panning and dry signal and other things in each strip.

    I do have a question though, is it possible from the VE panning, to work out exactly the angle of the panning is so I can reproduce this without having to copy the actual channel strip?

    I've been playing around with the panning in the VE and I cannot seem to see any kind of "measurement" numbers coming up with you work with the panner, as you have in the Vienna Suite power panner. Does anybody know how to work out what the measurements actually are?

    I do have the power panner, but if someone who has SE and wants to download the sib template score does not have Vienna Suite, that would be a problem.

    Also, when I click on the "sends" part of the channel with the "+" symbol [in one of the pre-made demos from the SE Tutorial project files], you get a choice of going to "bus" or "output". I can understand the "bus" part, but I don't understand what the "output" parts are that go to a descending column listing "net1/net2" listing down to net "31/32" mean. Can anybody explain this to me if possible?

    I'm quite willing to do the sibelius score masters and then post them up on some file sharing service, so others with Sibelius 6 [hopefully they should also work with sibelius 5 if I export them as a sibelius 5 file from my sib6], can use them to. All you would have to do is open the saved master score and start creating your music.

    I could do some different combinations as set up in the sibelius score creater eg. Chamber Orchestra with Chamber violins, full orchestra, classical, wind quartet, etc etc, using all the various combinations one can get using SEdition, so one does not have to go through all the careful task of creating them for themselves. It would save a lot of time.

    Anyway, I'm going to start experimenting with this and see what I come up with. If anybody is interested in this project, please let me know.

    best regards,