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  • What about hardware RAID-0? with expensive SAS it beneficial?

    Hi all,

    I've seen many threads talking about software RAID-0 not having any benefits for intense disk streaming.....What about pricey hardware RAID card solutions? Does hardware RAID increase the potential polyphony of 4 drives RAIDED vs just separate 4 drives?

    I bought a SAS raid card for 550$ and a SAS enclosure with 4 bays,

    s: I ve learned that with Vienna streaming engine I need to look at random reads @ 16k and 64k....all other values don't really matter since its all about reading small chunks of audio data....vs Video where its all about big chunks....did I get this right?


  • hello?

  • anyone from Vienna?



  • well thanx for the help...

  • I've seen many threads talking about software RAID-0 not having any benefits for intense disk streaming....

    This is not true anymore since last update of VE PRO

    Now VE PRO  + VI PRO are using the band width of the disk (before it was limited around 25-30 MB/S)



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  • i see.....

    thanx for this info Cyril. 


  • Since the libraries are large and the SSDs expensive, for me it depends on the number different libraries that you have.

    Instead of setting up complex Raid configurations with SSDs, my straightforward approach would be to disperse the libraries on different SSDs.

    Whenever you have to load memory heavy presets they can fetch the instruments from different physical drives and use dedicated SATA controller ports. That way it is also easier to do backups, which is always highly recommended when working with SSDs. I think in a Raid setup this is also possible but more complicated.

    Of course another alternative would be to use e.g. 2 or more WD Velociraptors with all the libraries in a Raid config, but I´m sure the future is going towards SSDs.

    Right now I´m using one SSD for the boot & program/audio partition, but the big sample libraries still come from conventional HDs. Works nice, but in the end it is all about how long you can sit tight and wait for the samples to be loaded. Long Windows Boot procedures make me much more nervous than waiting a few seconds longer for samples to be loaded, but that´s a question of taste and a time vs investment tradeoff.