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  • PC Slave not showing up on master computer sequencer

    Master is a Mac Pro running either Cubase or DP7, Slave is a PC.  No problem loading the VE Pro servers on either computer.  I checked the  "Advertise on local networks" on the slave.  I connected my computers via ethernet directly, i.e., not using a router.  I know this works because my Midi Over Lan (MoLCP) works fine.  

    Do I need a router in-between?  Any other advice on why my sequencer doesn't see the slave PC?

    Many thanks for the kind help provided on this forum!

    - Marc

  • Did you ever get this working??  I'm trying to do the same thing, wondering if the "self assigned ip" is goofing things up.  It will connect if I manually type in the address, but it does not show in the browser of the instance in DP7.

  • yes but it was very complicated.  I had to hire an expert.  I don't recall all of it but this I do:

    1.  added an additional gigabit network card to the PC

    2.  avoided a router by using a turn-around ethernet cable

    3.  connected using manual addresses on both the PC and the Mac.  this part is beyond me.   

    It works!

    Good luck.

  • Normally you do not need a round cable as the Mac os is clever enough to do it

    My 2 x Macpro are connected with a strait cable

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