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  • Vienna ensemle Pro refused as insert

    Hello Vienna specialists.

    I am a happy customer using the complete Vienna Special edition plus/extension, Vienna Ensemble Pro, Vienna Suite and want to add other 32bit instruments ( Etno / EWQL /Kontakt NI) running on another networked PC.

    Main workstation is a MacPro 8-core 12 Gb Ram running on SnowLeopard 10.6.4  64 bit and Protools9  64bit

    I use a downloaded tutorial template running two (64 bit) Vienna Ensemble Pro Instances ( both within Vienna 64bit Server on the MacPro)

    This way I have 32 midichannels (instruments) to work with. All works fine!

    Now I want to add other virtual instruments on a networked PC ( Quad Core 2.8Ghz Intel / Windows XP professional 4Gb Ram) so I started a 32 bit Vienna Server on that PC. In that server I added an instance of ViennaEnsemble 32bit and routed midi in from VEPro midi 2 port ad output to Net 21/22

    If I try to create a virtual instrument VE Pro on the Mac I see the PC's 32bit VE instance in the list to connect to.

    When I select it in the server window and Clik on connect it says :: "Cannot connect :versions do not match;

    In the same server window an alternative 64bit instance on the localhost(MacPro) is offered, that one does connect well...

    Remaining question: How can I get the PC's Ensemble Pro 32bit working via Network within Protools/ the SnowLeopard 64 bit ?

    I understood that you can combine a number of PC's sharing the workload and now I want to benefit from that without upgrading the PC to Windows7, because then all applications on that PC need to be reinstalled/licenced )

    Please give me a step by step instruction or a reference to a document where it is all explained


    Tjeu Geelen

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    @Amarillo said:

    When I select it in the server window and Clik on connect it says :: "Cannot connect :versions do not match;


    This error is because the version of VE Pro is not the same on both computers, make sure you have the same version of VE Pro on all computers