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  • upgrading

    Hello, I recently purchsed the vienna special edition (standard) there a way to upgrade to the extended library? I really need to use saxophones. I don't really understand how to do that. Many thanks, Nicky

  • oops....sorry for this lame post. I just realized how to do it. I guess I didn't realize that the extended library cost as much as the standard library. I thought that it was just the difference between the two that I had to pay...Please ignore this post.

  • Check the sample content fo the SE here on the website.

    If that pleases you, why not. You can also demo the level 2 sounds for some time, in case you own a original Vienna key.

    For me the special edition extended offers a lot in Brass, woodwinds etc, but when you´re interested in strings IMO you´re better of saving the money and buying one or two big DVD string libraries like Apassionata, chamber or Solo.

    Of course the special edition gives you the widest spread of instruments and biggest effect for the money, if you are in need of all the instruments at once.

    When you consider download instruments/SE download packages, keep in mind that it can lead into a "one way road", if you ever want to upgrade. Read the the postings dedicated to this before buying. Whenever possible, go for the DVDs - at least my opinion.

  • Yes, that's something to heed... a lot of the downloads libraries amount to 'standard', and a DVD purchase will essentially involve purchasing standard again to obtain the full [incl 'extended'] library.