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  • A Question in relation to Christian's Composition "Decision Day"

    Hi to the forum,

    I've been playing the Cubase Version of Decision Day by Christian Kardeis. I came across a piano track that was not actually playing, and I set it up to play through the Piano that comes with SE.

    I'm making what I think is a pretty accurate guess that this is the "sketch" for the music.

    I hope you can fill me in here with some more info Christian, if possible. I'm interested in your composition working method here.

    I'm guessing that you first create the piano track as a kind of sketch first, and you either cut and paste from the piano track, or just duplicate the track and edit/delete notes  so that you use only the notes left in it are for the particular instruments you envisioned for the track, or, once you had the piano track, you used it as a kind of "backing" over which to play/and or create each part, until you no longer needed it. Or, possibly an assortment of all of these methods.

    Could you please let me know the method/methods you use [if that's OK with you], as I am interested in giving this type of way of composing using my Vienna Instruments a go. I've been tending to go straight to a notation program first, and then into a DAW later with the score, but of late I have been experimenting with VI Pro, in making sketches using it's ability to play melody and accompaniment on one channel.

    If you can share some of your composition methods for working with vsl straight into a DAW [which it appears to me that this is what you have done here], I would greatly appreciate it and give some of these methods a go.

    best and thanks,

    Steve :-)

    ps. by the way Christian, it's a great piece of music! Thanks for sharing the files with us. They really inspire me!

  • Hi Steve,

    I am happy that you like the piece and find it usefull to analyse.

    You are right with your guess that this is the sketch for the piece. I am using the Piano track as a"backing" for the first couple of tracks . e.g. I normally start with the Basses and Celli followed by the main melodies. Now i have the "superior two voices" ( I dont know if this term exists in english. for our german readers its called "√úbergeordnete Zweistimmigkeit")

    Then I  play the rest of the instruments directly into Logic. For such a short piece I do the orchestration without any Notation Program or pen and paper work. More or less the orchestration is part of the composingprocess and already done when playing the sketch.

    The rest is just fun acting like all the different players of the orchestra.



  • Hi Christian,

    thanks so much for your reply. This sounds like an interesting way to compose, and I remember that, the very first demo you did for SE, which is avaliable in different versions for the different DAWs, had me curious as to how you composed with so many different tracks.

    So thanks for sharing your way of working. I am going to try this out and give this method a go. The other pieces that you have composed for demo's are truly brilliant if you don't mind me saying so.  I am just full of admiration for your work with the demo pieces you did using SE and Vienna Instruments Pro! 

    thanks and best,