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  • notion3 and vienna..... distortion on playback

    I am using a macbook pro (4 gig ram) vienna is on a glyph 1T bite and I am using is through notion3 I checked my free mem and it shows around 600 mg...I don't think my problem is memory but I am getting distortion on playback at a point in my music piece when I have a brass crescendo....( epic horns,4 horns,4 horn,trmp,bones)...when I disable some of the brass instruments the problem goes away....I think some how I am overloading the system there something I didn't setup correctly thanks rhythmhouse

  • Hi,

    how did you connect your harddrive? Firewire 800 or eSata is always much better than USB, just in case.

    Did you try the playback with a lower latency?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL