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  • Problem with Harmonic Articulations

     Dear VSL team and users

    I noticed that when I start a composing with harmonics ( violins / violas ) the first note isn't perform as harmonic but it take effect at second note in the bar , why ??? On the vienna instrument is it on the Harmonic articulation but doesn' t sound like that , only the second note in the bar sounds right ...I use VSL SE & VSL SE +

    How to do ?

    Thank You

  • Hello Pro-Arte!

    I answered your mail to support.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • it May interrest other users, so i edit Your answer :

    As far as I can see, you have found a bug in the VST Expression Map system. Notes starting at the very beginning of a project ( will not switch according to your markings in the articulation lane. If you move back the first note by 1 tick, it works.

  • what you found actually is the fact that a sequencer needs to see that keyswitch in front of the note it 'articulates'.

  • Well , this I know for long , but it seems that is a cubase problem, I tryied with Notion, it work perfectelly !!!

  • Notion is making an adjustment automatically then - the keyswitch must be placed before the note it affects in order to work, that's just reality.  I give it more than one of my ticks (4000ppqn) to be safe, but the default tick is usually enough. 'A bug', or even 'a problem' isn't what you would call this reality.

  •  I do not complain about Notion, as You can read, it works perfectelly with Notion ( only hope it will be on 64 bit someday ), the problem is only with Cubase,I sent a cpr using the articulation bug to VSL , they know the problem,so I forwarded to Cubase  this problem and I hope they will fix it among others bugs ...[:^)]