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  • Can VE Pro do what FX Teleport can???

    Hello First of all i have VE PRO and think its great but i think i have either been miss-lead or i've miss-understood something when i bought it. With FX Teleport, for example, i can use any FX plugin from my slave PC on any track (audio or midi instrument) on my master PC. Is this possible with VE PRO or can i only use the FX plugins i have on the slave PC with the instruments on the slave PC. I own the SONNOX bundle plugins and they will not work with my master PC (Windows 7 64bit/cubase 4 32bit). My slave PC is XP so they still work on that. They will open in VE PRO no problem but i'd like to route them to my master PCs audio tracks and instruments if possible. So is this possible? i dont mindif it involves a load of routing? thanx

  • Ve PRO can do what FX teleport do and even more. The routing is more flexible. 32bit and 64bit FX plugins are supported by VE PRO either on a Master or slave PC/MAC and saved in a same cubase project. note: Only VST plugin v2.4 and above are supported. If SONNOX is VST 2.4 or above, it should work with VE pro correctly. if any doubt contact support team. Cheer

  • Currently VE pro does not support audio input in server mode, so no, it can't do what FXT does. However, this feature has been promised in an update.

    On the plus side VEP is able to work at much lower latencies than FXT ever could, and has many great features, such as Preserve.


  • I'm a happy user of VE Pro but I miss THIS feature a lot! I'd like having another computer just a virtual rack for my main DAW. Is there any estimate release date? Thanks!

  • Hello Antonio, 

    We hope that we can make it within the next 2 months. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Great :-D Can't wait!

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    @emduZik said:

    32bit and 64bit FX plugins are supported by VE PRO either on a Master or slave PC/MAC and saved in a same cubase project.

    I've been wondering for a while now.

    32-bit and 64-bit

    Does it allow both interchangably? Example: One instance (64) running samples, and another instance (32) running only 32 plugins I like that aren't available in 64. I want to be able to run my 64-bit template through 32-bit plugins. I know there are other ways to do this, but they don't serve me well. So I'm wondering specifically about VEP being able to do this. If yes, then do buses of 1 instance show up on another? How does it work?