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  • Buyng new instruments

    Hello dear VSL

    I'm going to order two DVD: "Percussions" and "Special Woodwinds". My problem is that I don't completely trust the delivery companys (I've already had some problems) and I don't want to risk 1500€ (more or less). I usually buy payng before with the credit card but not this time. Is there a way so that I can pay when I receive the DVD? This would be much safer...

    Or..., is there any other way that I don't know?

    Thanks a lot for the attention


  • So you're basically shifting the risk to VSL.  What happens if those DVDs come up missing enroute?  Who pays for them? 

    Do you live near a music store like Guitar Center or something?  If you're that worried about it, go to the music store and ask them io order it for you and call you when it comes in.  Then just pay the store.  Of course you might have to pay a little more; the store's cut.  

  • Yes, that's actually what I was thinking to do...

    Thanks a lot and good work to you