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  • Novation AUTOMAP Pro & VI Ensemble Pro?

    hi there, does anybody successfully use Novation automap with VI Ensemble Pro? My question is if the automap-wrapper works with the VI Ensemble Host, and, most importantly, if it works with a VI Pro instance on a "slave" server!! I hope there are some of you using MIDI controllers and slave servers with novation automap willing to describe their setup / problems etc... I work on a Mac Pro using Nuendo and Logic. Thanks a lot for your time, Best Mrcl

  • I tried to get mine to work and here and the following happens. 

    1. Control test with Automap on the instrument directly. Perform and recorded automation via Automap. Played back correctly. 

    2. VE pro hosting the Automap enabled instrument. Performed the automation, but it did not record. 

    3. VE pro hosting non-automap instrument. Performed automation via Midi CC, it records and played back correctly. 

    So it looks like there is a problem communication through plugins via Automap, which is a REAL SHAME! Now I'm stuck choosing between using VE pro and using Automap! Why do I have to make this choice? :( 

    Very sad....