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  • Multiple Vienna instances and Sibelius

    I am a new user of Vienna, but a long-time user of Sibelius. Since installing Vienna, I have had success with smaller compositions transferring performance to VSL, using the on-line tutorial to guide. However, I opened a large score [28 instruments] and set up the Sibelius Playback Devices to use 3 instances of VSE, relating to score order; one for wind, one for percussion and one for strings, all configured to individual channels for each instrument. In the VSE instances I set channels to correspond with the Sibelius configuration with mid-in set to Omni. So far so good. I closed the set-up down after a day working with it. When I reopened the score the next day, it appeared the wrong instances of VSE were being used - percussion coming out as strings, and vice versa - I have had no success in trying to solve this since. Any ideas? Sibelius 6.2 build 88 iMac 4GB Ram, 3,2 GHz processor. Vienna Special Edition

  • Not a reply, but additional info. An even more interesting scenario in this ongoing saga, today. I began by removing all previous Vienna instances which I had created for this score from the VSL Data files. I then opened an earlier version of this well catalogued score in Sibelius from the back-up scores file. At that point I hadn't created a new correct configuration for it as it opened with the most recent configuration from a previous score. I then created a complete new set of instruments and copied all the music across, deleting staves as they were copied. I assumed I then had a completely clean, new version of the score. So then I set up in playback devices a new configuration, all instruments as per score order and names with individual channels and with 3 instances of Vienna, one for wind [VE], one for percussion [VE2] and one for strings [VE3]. Saved this. I then created the new instances for Vienna. First wind, then percussion, then strings. Each instrument had a corresponding channel assignment as per the Sibelius configuration. I then went back to the score in SIbelius, and at this point, string sounds came out for the wind intruments. So I went to the mixer, found nothing had been assigned there, and carefully assigned each instrument to the correct VE bank, and instrument - at this point, in the mixer, with the piccolo set to VE [bank 1] and the instrument set to "wind.flutes.flute.piccolo" the test button played a violin sound! In fact, returning to the main score playback is giving the string sounds to the wind [i.e instance 3 of Vienna where 1 should play], and the wind sound to the strings [i.e. instance 1 of Vienna where 3 should play]. The percussion sounds sandwiched in the middle come out correctly [i.e. instance 2 of Vienna plays correctly]. The active instances dialogue box lists the instances in the [wrong] order with strings at the top, percussion in the middle and wind at the bottom. I tried reversing the strings and wind in the score to put the strings at the top, hoping it might fool Vienna, but they carried their false identities with them. I am very puzzled. Any ideas?