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  • Notion SLE

    Gotta say that this really is a sweet idea. I bought the Notion SLE program having seen VSL's latest deals and noticed that Notion SLE works with the Special Edition. Curious, I went to the website and pretty much bought it within 2 minutes of reading the blurb.

    It's a terrific idea .. being able to write in actual score and have the library follow along exactly as it would in real orchestra. Of course I doubt the playback would ever be as smooth as what I can achieve with the fine tuning of Logic .. but still .. I REALLY like the idea that I can learn to read and write score whilst I work. Which is pretty much what Notion is doing for me.

    I've been thinking of buying either Finale or Sibelius for a time now, but not quite convinced that I'd be able to make the most of them since my main knowledge of music writing really is in the midi universe (Yes I'm not proud of it .. but we've all got to start somewhere). But Notion is likely to change that. And I assume that given time the Notion people might produce a full featured version for the entire VSL library .. since the current version can only make use of the Special Editions. Although for the meantime I guess thats enough for me to start with .. seems there's a lot to learn .. again :P

    Anyways, just wanted to voice my opinion that this is cool! .. I like it very much .. and I think it's a great idea. One more way to stick it to the purist a**holes who think all we do is glue parts of existing music together. (Yeah .. there are plenty who think that. Don't you just want them to get hit by a bus!). Cos now we can write, learn, and perform.


  • Hi, Do you know where i can find all stuffs needed to play any articulations for Standard edition and Standard Edition Plus in Notion SLE ? I can easily play trems, pizzis, legatos... but what about harmonics, ponticello, snap-pizzicato, repetition performances or fortepiano... ? Thanx a lot for your help. CJ

  • File name is :

    VSL-CUBE PluginData - April 10,

    It is somewhere on vsl web site ?...

     or contact me by email... I'll send it to you...

    Hope to help


  • Hello CJ!

    I'm not sure, if I understand your question.
    Harmonics can be found in the trills menu.
    Sul ponticello and snap pizzicato can be found in the VSL Techniques menu.
    Fortepiano can be found in the legato, accent, staccato articulation menu. To playback the fortepiano atriculation you will have to use the fortissimo-piano articulation from the same menu though.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
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