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  • VE3 and cubase5

    Hi I have a problem with the vst expresons map. I was watching the video, to set up all the stuff and I didn't found the vienna symphonic custom data folder to drag the vst-expresion preset.

    The thing is the video was made over Mac and I have a PC with W7 pro  64x.  May be in W7 the steps to set up this, are a bit different?

    Well I could do right the  steps in cubase, I mean, I open a midi track and when I load the vst expresion map, I get the expresion controler down in the midi edit keyboard window. But in the VE3 doesn't appear the VST epresions preset. Then I can play the sounds if I load another preset, (apassionata violin, solo violin etc..),  but not the correct expresions. 

    Of course I load in cubase the vst map for each preset I load in the VE3, (solo string or apassionata strings).

    Many thanks and my apologizes for my english.

    Dn Jay