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  • VE Pro Updating

    Dear VSL

    time to update my tools and to buy new instruments... So, I'm now working with VE Pro 4.1.7043 and VI Pro 1.0.7043. I was to busy to stop working but I've seen there is something new. What I'm asking is if there is something I must know before updating. Any possible problem? I'm working with logic 9.1.1 on Mac OSX 10.6.4. 

    At the moment everything works perfectly so...

    Then I want to buy the "Percussions" and the "Special Woodwinds" DVD. I wonder if there is a way to follow the "treking" (I'm not sure about the spelling, I mean the trip of the package from Vienna to me, in Italy), so that I can be sure to be at home the day of the deliver? 

    Thank you a lot for the attention


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    Hello Roberto,

    no worries about updating, just make sure you´re using the latest eLCC and the latest VSL Software.

    We have updated the copy protection, so all parts (protection software and the protected software) need to be updated! After this, please restart your computer, and everything should work just fine!

    Regarding tracking: Our distributor for Europe, Best Service, will inform you about the shipping. If you have any more detailed questions, it´s probably best to talk to them directly:



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL