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  • Automating Omnisphere withing VE pro - Cubase 5

    IS there a way to control the omnisphere orb via automation in VE pro?

    Directly in Cubase I can just click the "write button" and merrily wiggle the orb around and it gets recorded as track automation.  However,. can't work out how to do it in VE pro.

    Any ideas?

  • there isn't a write button when in VE Pro, right? so that's that.

    if there is a way to have Cubase learn that dial as a midi controller, you can do that.

  • Hi,

    automatisation only works a bit limited right now. You can automate most elements of the channel (volume, sends...), but a full automation is in the works - will hopefully make it in the next BIG update we expect for summer.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Many thanks for all replies.

    good to learn it should make it into a future update.  Much needed :-)