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  • Logic 9, VEP & VIP not working

    Logic 9 64 bit, loading a VEP (multi output) on a 1 computer system, then opening 16 VIP inside. This all works except for the first slot (plug 1 & midi 1) why is this? And I can’t logic to communicate with a second opened instance of VEP (plug 2, midi 1-16).

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

  • I think only VEP Plugin 1 works with Logic, this is a limitation with AU (you can't use the other ports).. so if you open a second instance of Logic, choose VEP 1 too. Dunno the answer to your first question, though.

  • That is correct. WIth Logic, all of the VE PRO instances have to be set to MIDI plug 1.

  • In other words, I can only use one instance of VEP with Logic? If in my second instance of VEP (as a plugin on a multi timbral instrument track), I choose "plugin 1" won’t the midi data get mixed up? Or am I missing something? [:S]

  • No you can use many instances. Each one connects in Logic to a separate instantiation of the VE Pro plug-in. You should buy my book, it will walk you through it.

  • Sorry to say that I have your book, and I still didn’t get it. Might just be me though !

  • Tell me some instruments you want to load in VE Pro and i will send you templates.

  • Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your offer. BTW, your book did teach me a good deal about how to integrate VEP into my setup. I had a template with 2 instances open (I’m all on one computer) in a template about a year ago, but couldn’t get that going this time. I remember using lots of 4 letter words that afternoon (evening & night), one of those moments when I wished to have had Herb’s home phone (!!). I couldn't get that f*#king (oops, there I go again!) thing working !

    Anyway, I’ve got now a template with 15 WW’s down to horns, I was trying to do Trp. down to Double basses in the second, but have just opened up 12 individuel VIP’s and am working from there. If, I have some time in the next few days, I’ll give it another try.

    I still don’t understand how to get 16 outs per instance. Do we delete the mater bus and use outs 1/2 for the 1 instrument (I’m using only VIP's inside VEP). I bring back the audio via auxes like you explain. [B]

  • Hi Jay, Any plans of releasing a digital/Kindle edition of your book?

  • It already is and also for Nook. But it is hard to see the illustrations well IMHO so I would stick with the paperback.