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  • Euphonium with vibrato

    Hi, in the audio-demo "Euphonium Variation Waltz" (download instrument "Euphonium") there ist played a vibrato. But there are only samples without vibrato... How can I create a sample with vibrato?

  •  Although there are no patches with vibrato, if you have VI Pro, then go to the humanize, and select 10FX and then LFO effect (Medium), and there you have your vibrato.

    Of course this will work with any instrument, it's quite effective on the Timpani !

  • Thank you for your answer. That means, I have to pay EUR 125 to get a vibrato... hmmm. I will think about it!

  • I did that vibrato with the pitch wheel, if it's done properly it can work, but of course there's nothing like a natural vibrato.