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  • Prospective Customer - A Few Questions

    Hi there, I've done a fair bit of reading on VEP and I'm not completely clear on a few things yet. I frequently run into performance issues when running a lot of virtual instruments and/or plugins, so I'd be buying it to slave a Mac Pro from my main machine (MacBook Pro), where I will run many of the supported instruments. However, am I able to use plugins (RTAS/AU) on the slave WITHOUT running a virtual instrument? By that I mean, can I use this SOLELY to load up plugins, therefore taking a load off of my MacBook Pro while mixing and not using virtual instruments? Thanks

  •  Currently no. However, this feature is planned for a future update.


  • OK thanks. Does that update have an ETA? Also, is there somewhere I can find a full list of compatible 3rd party plugins/instruments?

  •  No ETA that has been announced yet.

    I would email support with the list of instruments that you want to run, and ask them if they have been tested.